The first thing most men think about when having sex is using a Viagra for an added some extra fun to their sexual experience. This is not a very bad idea, especially if you are looking forward to satisfying your partner all night long. Talking of Viagra, there are several brands available in the market which are most widely used for their immediate results. One such generic Viagra brand is Kamagra. A very fast acting Viagra medication, Kamagra is available in jelly form which makes it easy to dissolve in your mouth and hence act faster than other pills. Moreover, kamagra is available easily across several online stores as well as at your local pharmacy store. But, before you jump up and buy the medication for a splendid sexual experience or for treating erectile dysfunction, it is essential that you know about the kamagra side effects.

Kamagra, like all other Viagra medicines only helps treat people with erectile dysfunction and enjoy sex with their partners. The medication was initially designed for treating certain cardiovascular conditions. However, during clinical trials it was clear that the medication did not provide the results that were expected from it and instead, helped the patients have an erection. Thus, it was then used for treating men with impotence or erectile dysfunction. The kamagra side effects are not severe and hence, nothing much to worry about. Also, in order to make sure you do not risk your health, it is important that you consult your doctor before consuming Kamagra. Your doctor will recommend you the needed dosage for treating your erectile dysfunction and the urge to have true sexual pleasure with your partner.

Kamagra is a very safe Viagra and hence has nearly no side effects. It is 100% safe for all patients suffering from impotency. But, in order to ensure your safety, make sure you take the help of your doctor.

However, here below are the various known kamagra side effects which have been reported on several occasions by people consuming the medication.

Kamagra side effects




Stomach upset

Running nose


In order to avoid other kamagra side effects, it is best that you avoid the consumption of other medications that release nitrogen in the body. So, take the best precautions as mentioned by your doctor and avoid these vague kamagra side effects for a pleasurable sexual experience.