The introduction into clinical practice of new innovative drugs, what are the inhibitors of PDE-5, significantly expanded the possibilities of drug therapy of sexual dysfunction. PDE-5 group is presented by three drugs – Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Taking into account the huge popularity of Levitra we concentrate our attention on this pill here.

So, Levitra has first been manufactured by Bayer Company. The starting selling price of this medication was rather high, but thanks to years (expired licensed!) – Levitra began to be manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies all over the world and now available under the name of generic Levitra.

Generic Levitra became even more popular then branded pill. And it’s not strange – the drug price twice cheaper than for Bayer Levitra. In fact, the difference is only in price. Generic Levitra pills, as well as branded have the same mechanism of action, efficacy and safety profile. But due to the name of the drug has been already advertised, manufactured don’t spend extra money on promoting, thus selling cheaper Levitra generic pills.

Most often, patients turn to generic Levitra when they make a big order and want to save some money. Also, generic Levitra is available without prescription.

Few recently made studies of Levitra generic shown that its efficacy is the same then in branded pill and almost in all cases even higher then branded Viagra. One of study involved 53 patients with ED of various etiologies and disease duration from 3 months to 3.5 years. Age of men ranged from 31 to 58 years. The main criterion for inclusion in the study was the inability to perform from 4 attempts within 2 weeks of normal sexual intercourse at least 50% of cases.

Performed open study on the clinical efficacy of generic Levitra 10mg within 2 months also showed that it is highly effective and safe in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction of various etiologies, regardless of age and severity of erectile function. The results of this work were amazing:

Normal erectile function was restored in 67.9% of men, regardless of age, etiology, and severity of ED.

The number of cases of successful penetration is in 75.4% of cases.

The number of successfully completed intercourse is 65.1%.

Improvement of erectile function during therapy – 83.0% of cases.