Modafinil Vs. Armodafinil

Is Modafinil or Armodafinil better for people interested in enhancing their cognitive abilities? Studies have shown that the effective dosage of Armodafinil is about half that of Modafinil. But, what does that mean for users? Does the increased power and potency translate to a more serious improvement in energy, focus, and productivity? This is a question that a lot of smart drugs may be pontificating in their search for the perfect smart drug.

In this day and age, in the fast-paced global business environment, it is more important than ever that you keep sharp, focused, and alert whenever you’re on the job. Even if you’re just in college, it’s more competitive than ever before. There is a lot at stake, and having that little extra edge can mean the difference between success and failure. In this massively connected and productive world, our brain has little time to rest and recharge. It is probably more necessary than ever to take either Modafinil or Armodafinil if you have a serious problem with focus, concentreation, or motivation.


Modafinil has been increasing in popularity among business pros, endurance athletes, and students alike. While Modafinil is more well-known, Armodafinil is the lesser-known ‘cool cousin’ of Modafinil.


Is Armodafinil an improvement over Modafinil? Armodafinil was developed right as Modafinil’s patent was expiring. This is very common in the industry. Armodafinil is actually derived from Modafinil.

Both of these drugs are prescription wake-promoting substances. And, both of these drugs are increasingly being used to increase concentration, productivity, and motivation.

Modafinil has almost 200 clinical studies from the past 10 years to back up its effectiveness, safety, and proven efficacy.

The medical data suggests that Armodafinil is stronger than Modafinil.

Still, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and medical researchers don’t know everything these drugs do in the brain. Always exercise caution when taking new smart drugs.

Adderall Dosing Guidelines

Adderall Dosage: How to Take Caps to Cure ADHD?

Adderall dosage depends on many factors, administered to the person. Therapist before prescribing doses of Adderall and diagnosis should check through person history and records of the test. These previous medical history, history of allergies, existing physical conditions, the dosage for the therapy of ADHD is usually no more than 40 mg per day, the person’s age, etc., may contain. For adults with narcolepsy dose of 5 mg to 40 mg per day, depending on these factors varies from. However, in both cases, Adderall should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning without fail.

Adderall can cause insomnia, stimulating evening, no, no. In any case, to see how many therapists take the body to control low-dose amphetamine begins. If better results than provided at a low dose. In other cases, the dose of continuous evaluation for a person and its enhanced depending on the type of medical preparation response.

What factors can affect the change of Adderall dose?

Dextroamphetamine-amphetamine pops up in accordance with the person. There are several factors, which may affect Adderall dosage:

Ongoing medical conditions

Accessible taken other medical preparations

Other ADHD or narcolepsy medical preparation’s intake

The person’s age

Adderall, as well as changes in consumer consumption should always be consulted by a therapist.

The average daily Adderall dosage

Adderall is definitely not advised for children under 3 years old. And for children aged from 3 to 5 years, depending on the result of a weekly dose of 2.5 mg may enhance the person’s response and start with 2.5 mg daily.5 mg daily dose is advised for children who are over 6 years. Physicians can enhance the dose to 5 mg per week, depending on the impact on the person, but there is no way exceeding 40 mg per day limit. In severe cases of ADHD, Adderall 4-6 hour intervals are first thing in the morning, and from that moment.

In most cases, therapists RX for stable dose period, and then completely abrupt ADHD behavior to see improved or worsened. Based on the results, Adderall dosage is adjusted.

The proper Adderall dosage for narcolepsy

For the therapy of narcolepsy, Adderall is usually from 5 to 60 mg per day administered. Of course, the exact figure depends on the individual person’s history.

This disease is rare in children under 12 years, but occurs after therapists usually run dextroamphetamine sulfate. Daily dose of 5 mg for persons aged 6-12 years should work. Then a dose of 5 mg enhanced on a weekly basis, if it is not. 10 mg dose of Adderall is enough for persons aged 12 years or more may be enhanced at weekly intervals, usually 10 mg per day. In both cases, as soon as Adderall has to be consumed with 4-6 hour intervals in the morning and then be accepted. person’s sleep or hunger, or shows any adverse reactions like weight reduction, consult your therapist to decrease the dose.

Know All About The Kamagra side effects

The first thing most men think about when having sex is using a Viagra for an added some extra fun to their sexual experience. This is not a very bad idea, especially if you are looking forward to satisfying your partner all night long. Talking of Viagra, there are several brands available in the market which are most widely used for their immediate results. One such generic Viagra brand is Kamagra. A very fast acting Viagra medication, Kamagra is available in jelly form which makes it easy to dissolve in your mouth and hence act faster than other pills. Moreover, kamagra is available easily across several online stores as well as at your local pharmacy store. But, before you jump up and buy the medication for a splendid sexual experience or for treating erectile dysfunction, it is essential that you know about the kamagra side effects.

Kamagra, like all other Viagra medicines only helps treat people with erectile dysfunction and enjoy sex with their partners. The medication was initially designed for treating certain cardiovascular conditions. However, during clinical trials it was clear that the medication did not provide the results that were expected from it and instead, helped the patients have an erection. Thus, it was then used for treating men with impotence or erectile dysfunction. The kamagra side effects are not severe and hence, nothing much to worry about. Also, in order to make sure you do not risk your health, it is important that you consult your doctor before consuming Kamagra. Your doctor will recommend you the needed dosage for treating your erectile dysfunction and the urge to have true sexual pleasure with your partner.

Kamagra is a very safe Viagra and hence has nearly no side effects. It is 100% safe for all patients suffering from impotency. But, in order to ensure your safety, make sure you take the help of your doctor.

However, here below are the various known kamagra side effects which have been reported on several occasions by people consuming the medication.

Kamagra side effects




Stomach upset

Running nose


In order to avoid other kamagra side effects, it is best that you avoid the consumption of other medications that release nitrogen in the body. So, take the best precautions as mentioned by your doctor and avoid these vague kamagra side effects for a pleasurable sexual experience.

Generic Levitra Online, Buy Generic Levitra Cheap

The introduction into clinical practice of new innovative drugs, what are the inhibitors of PDE-5, significantly expanded the possibilities of drug therapy of sexual dysfunction. PDE-5 group is presented by three drugs – Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Taking into account the huge popularity of Levitra we concentrate our attention on this pill here.

So, Levitra has first been manufactured by Bayer Company. The starting selling price of this medication was rather high, but thanks to years (expired licensed!) – Levitra began to be manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies all over the world and now available under the name of generic Levitra.

Generic Levitra became even more popular then branded pill. And it’s not strange – the drug price twice cheaper than for Bayer Levitra. In fact, the difference is only in price. Generic Levitra pills, as well as branded have the same mechanism of action, efficacy and safety profile. But due to the name of the drug has been already advertised, manufactured don’t spend extra money on promoting, thus selling cheaper Levitra generic pills.

Most often, patients turn to generic Levitra when they make a big order and want to save some money. Also, generic Levitra is available without prescription.

Few recently made studies of Levitra generic shown that its efficacy is the same then in branded pill and almost in all cases even higher then branded Viagra. One of study involved 53 patients with ED of various etiologies and disease duration from 3 months to 3.5 years. Age of men ranged from 31 to 58 years. The main criterion for inclusion in the study was the inability to perform from 4 attempts within 2 weeks of normal sexual intercourse at least 50% of cases.

Performed open study on the clinical efficacy of generic Levitra 10mg within 2 months also showed that it is highly effective and safe in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction of various etiologies, regardless of age and severity of erectile function. The results of this work were amazing:

Normal erectile function was restored in 67.9% of men, regardless of age, etiology, and severity of ED.

The number of cases of successful penetration is in 75.4% of cases.

The number of successfully completed intercourse is 65.1%.

Improvement of erectile function during therapy – 83.0% of cases.

Levitra No Prescription Pills

Do you know about drugs such as Levitra no prescription pills? Mainly, it helps the pills to have sex. But how do Levitra no prescription pills work? The following article will disclose some secrets of such extreme popularity of Levitra no prescription pills.

How Levitra no prescription pills differ from Viagra?

Levitra no prescription pills as well as Viagra pills equally effective and have the same characteristics and but have the different original compounds making their effectiveness rates different as well.  If by some reasons you can’t use Viagra take Levitra no prescription pills and restore the control over your sexual desires and libido.

Pros of cheap Levitra no prescription pills

You see, there are many advantages Levitra Brand Generic Levitra. First, the price (for the drug is very expensive, and sometimes afford them, are important for many people). The next advantage is that there is no general Levitra, a prescription for this time. Our online pharmacy is the right place to buy Levitra without a prescription. Online ordering process is very quick and easy, is an advantage for the delivery of Levitra. In just a few clicks and online pharmacy order Levitra no prescription pills online, as soon as you are doing everything possible to ensure that drug.

Levitra and has been tested and only the positive results as a whole drew were received. Only erections improved, but the duration of erection was amazing for them! According to online customers one Levitra no prescription pill allows you to have sex all day long!

However, keep in mind that Levitra no prescription pills ever increase sexual desire. A person cannot have an erection; it takes a pill of Levitra, and within 20-40 minutes, or after prelude to a partner gains an erection. So, again, contribute to the formation of Levitra erectile penile arteries, improves blood flow.

Levitra Best ED Therapy

Levitra is an FDA-approved tablet for the management of erectile dysfunction (ED). It belongs to the most well-known medical conditions linked with sexual disorders. Erectile dysfunction is commonest among gentlemen above the age of sixty-five. However it isn’t a severe imperative. After all there are exceptions. The statistics shows that greater than 50% of males over the age of forty have problems with erection. Every year the variety of adult men udergoing erectile dysfunction, grows firmly.

The problem is that males do not pay enough attention to their intimate healthiness. The key characteristic of erectile dysfunction is lack of ability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis enough for penetration of the penis into the vagina and to have sex. Because of this a number of additional problems appear: constant worry, quarrels with a spouse or a girl-friend, hopelessness. Levitra is the best wayout. It is long-lasting (more then for 12 hours) and start working in fifteen minutes.

Levitra has fewer side effects and is safe principally for everybody. Even those men who has troubles with heart and stomach. It was proven by many certificates of quality and research works. As compared with other supplements Levitra is the perfect answer of issues caused by erectile dysfunction. Plenty of gentlemen who have tried it admit that Levitra start working from the first time and is simple to apply with out being attentive to different time-tables or individual diet programs. It really works naturally; you will notice the effect as quickly as you get intimate stimulation. Your partner even won’t suppose that you have used drugs to get an erection. Test it and you’ll be pleased with results. Levitra is accessible in 2.5-mg, 5-mg, 10-mg, and 20-mg tablets and is taken about one hour previous to sexual action. Take Levitra no more than once daily.

Our internet site was developed for you to provide a possibility to buy Levitra at the most affordable prices. In reality, we do not deal with selling Levitra – we only open the chance to you to choose the finest bargain from the trusted web pharmacies. From now you do not have to examine plenty of internet pages looking for brilliant deals, since we have completed the inspection for you. Simply evaluate the deals from the websites below and place an order. Levitra was on no account that simple to get on line. Levitra requires RX, then you will be able to buy Levitra in person at any of your neighboring pharmacies. Whenever you do not find yourself at ease going to a health practitioner to have a prescription, you may order Levitra with no prescription online. We propose you to try the online pharmacies listed below to Buy Levitra with no prescription.

What you should know about Cialis

Yes, we have all heard about erectile dysfunction drugs. We all know about Viagra, how you pop one of the blue magic pills and then you can go for hours. There is no lie to this – ED drugs really do give you good and durable erections and they are mostly harmless, with mild and infrequently serious side effects. However, most people’s knowledge begins and ends with Viagra, the most intensely advertised ED drug of all. While Viagra is still the most popular (and first) ED medication, that doesn’t mean it’s the best or the most effective.

In this brief article, we will tell you more about Cialis, a drug superior to Viagra in every way. It might still not be as popular as the blue pill, but with all the advantages it offers, it’s just a matter of time before it eclipses Viagra. So, what are we talking about?

Cialis, or Tadalafil, which is its generic name, is the most powerful erectile dysfunction medication on the market. Like other ED drugs, it works as a PDE5 inhibitor, meaning it inhibits the enzyme responsible for shrinking the blood vessels. This, as a result, allows for steady and abundant blood flow, which means you can achieve great and lasting erections. Still, it is pertinent to stress that you will need some sort of stimulation in order to achieve an erection. Of course, this is perfectly normal, as it would be ridiculous to get an erection simply from taking the drug. That would be inconvenient, wouldn’t it?

Furthermore, Tadalafil has also been approved to treat pulmonary hypertension, making it a versatile drug, adjustable for various groups. The drug itself was launched on the market in late 2003, almost five years after Viagra was first released. This is why it is superior to it in many ways.

While Cialis isn’t likely to cause many of the side effects Viagra does, the main reason why it is so much better is its half-life. The thing is, Cialis’s half-life is about 18 hours, which is over four times longer than Viagra’s half-life. You are most likely wondering what that means, so we will now explain it. Half-life marks the period during which the drug is potent in your body and this means Cialis is a lot stronger than Viagra. See, once you take Viagra, you are bound to have good sex for a few hours, but that’s it. Also, it has to be premeditated, since you can only take one pill a day. With Cialis, that isn’t necessary, as the drug is effective for an entire day, or even longer, after you take it, enabling spontaneous intercourse, which is a lot better.

Cialis also has no side effect in the form of a headache, although other side effects resemble those of Viagra, including, but not limited to, nausea, tachycardia, blurry vision, etc. If you experience any of these, go see your doctor and adjust your treatment as soon as you can.

National and International Use of Cialis to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Use and Misuse of Cialis

Apparently, erectile dysfunction is the bane of many, as proof of the illegal trade in the hugely popular drugs such as Cialis and its competitors Viagra and Levitra demonstrates. Worldwide, physicians and pharmacists sell the pills without prescriptions. They neglect to fully disclose side effects to those seeking the pills or to ask for a medical history. Men in much younger age groups try to get pills with which to sexually experiment. A few years ago, the most popular “high” in many nightclubs was a cocktail of Viagra and the street drug Ecstacy.

Drug counterfeiters are profiting from Cialis’s name, too. Cialis is one of the most falsified erectile dysfunction drugs today. Pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly are heavily cracking down on the overwhelming numbers of internet sites and spammers peddling fake Cialis along with Viagra and Levitra phonies but promising consumers the real thing.

Buying Cialis in Canada

Americans have learned that buying their prescription drugs in Canada can be a cheap alternative to high prices in the States. However, the Canadian government, along with some Canadian pharmacists and physicians, are concerned over the avalanche of drug sales with the United States. Prescription drugs like Cialis are being bought up by internet pharmacies, leaving the Canadian supply low. Supporters of a Canadian ban on this drug trade believe the Canadian community is being left with a dwindling supply of prescription medications, while savvy internet pharmacies buy cheap prescription drugs like Cialis in Canada only to sell them at much higher prices in the United States.

Cialis Versus Viagra’s European Patent

Lilly/Icos, makers of Cialis, has fought Pfizer’s European patent on oral erectile dysfunction drugs. Pfizer had won the patent previously on the grounds that the company believed an orally dispensed erectile dysfunction drug was proprietary and belonged to them. The European Patent Office ruled in favor of Cialis and Eli Lilly’s appeal, overturning their previous decision that had granted Pfizer the patent. According to the new ruling by the European Patent Office, Pfizer has no grounds to claim an exclusive patent. Since Cialis is approved for use in nearly one hundred countries, this was an important decision for Lilly/Icos.

Cialis And Medicare

When the Medicare Modernization Act goes into effect in 2006, Cialis, along with many other prescription medications, will be covered under Medicare. Most prescription drugs have previously been ignored under Medicare.

A Primer on the Physiology and Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Information gleaned from recent research and the popularity of products such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, reveal that this is a widespread condition among men of all ages and walks of life. Understanding through education and public awareness of the problem has allowed many more men to feel more comfortable discussing erectile dysfunction with their doctors. New medications have made erectile dysfunction an extremely treatable condition.


A normal penile erection is typically achieved through an amalgam of various physical and psychological functions. Initially, sexual stimulus occurs via both psychological and physical avenues. Besides the urethra which carries urine and ejaculate, the penis is comprised of arteries, veins, and muscular and fibrous inner contours, all of which collaborate to achieve and maintain a healthy erection viable for satisfactory intercourse. Nerve impulses in the brain travel down the spinal cord and into nerve endings in the penis. Meanwhile, the muscle tissues of the penis enter a relaxed state during which veins pump increasing amounts of blood. This blood flow leads to enlargement and hardening of the penis. When the muscles, in turn, constrict, blood flow reverses, and the penis returns to its normal flaccid state. Should any of these interactions of physical or mental function become damaged or impaired, erectile dysfunction can occur. And it can occur in all ages.


There are many conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction. Preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can impair sexual function. Men who have had prostate or urology surgeries are at risk for damage to nerves and veins that stimulate the penis. Hormone imbalances or drug and alcohol abuse can also interrupt normal sexual stimulation. Many medications that treat some of these typical medical conditions impair the ability to achieve an erection. Even over-the-counter cold medicines can become a factor in ED, as can smoking. Though it is often treated as a physical problem, erectile dysfunction can also be caused by psychological factors, such as stress, anxiety, and sexual disorders. Complicating this scenario are antidepressant drugs which carry a characteristic side effect of sexual dysfunction, either loss of libido or inability to achieve an erection.

Cialis Greenline Pharmacy

Cialis vs Viagra

A difficult choice of the effective and safe drug appears in front of the potential buyers of the tablets for the erectile dysfunction treatment. There are a great number of various drugs which have similar pharmacological properties even identical mechanism of the action.

All medicines for the treatment of the male impotence belong to one of the pharmacological group, i.e. phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. It is rather difficult to speak about big differences between having drugs for the increase of the potency but there is one remedy which is considerably distinguished against the background of others.


Cialis appeared on the market in couple of years after the appearance of Viagra but it took its niche at once and was represented as the most effective and cost0efficient remedy for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction than Viagra. Within 10 years already and scientists, and manufacturers, and even men compare both drugs and everybody finds something individual and special.

But one has to agree that Cialis better suits men and this has a confirmation.

Why is Cialis superior than Viagra? The way of use, mechanism of the action, contraindications and even side effects are the same in these drugs. We can talk about this separately but not now. The main difference which strikes your eyes is positioning of Cialis.

Cialis is positioned as a remedy for the recovery of the erectile function in young, sexually active men who try to enjoy life to the full.

Viagra, on the contrary, is resented as the most studied, proved medicine which suits men who take care of their health and want to have the same vim in the bed like early in life.

Cialis has developed especially for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, and it was not discovered accidently like Cialis Greenline Pharmacy. Therefore, the pharmacological properties of Cialis exceed other drugs of the identical action.

First of all, the action of Cialis lasts for 36 hours. This result cannot be excelled for many years. Men prefer taking only one tablet of Cialis and forget about their problem within 2 days.

Secondly, Cialis is well combined with alcohol and it may be taken with meals. Alcohol has no effect to the work of the drug and speed of its action.

Thirdly, using Cialis the frequency and intensity of the side effects is less in comparison with identical remedies, and this drug is well tolerated by the aged men.

Even on the basis of these points it is already understand why many men prefer Cialis to other drugs and why it is better than Cialis Greenline Pharmacy.

Cialis availability Even despite the fact that after the appearance of Buy Cialis Greenline Pharmacy the majority part of the world pharmaceutical market is under the reign of Viagra it has gained its segment of the market. Every year Pharmacy becomes more and more preferable for men and this drug is already available in each country of the world.

The Internet pharmacy offer Greenline Pharmacy and its Generics with delivery all over the world. Due to the well-developed Cialis Greenline is delivered to the most remote parts of the planet where men may make love every day due to the effective action of this drug.

Cialis Pharmacy is rather cheaper than Buy Cialis Greenline, and therefore its availability is higher. This slight factor may not be missed because this saving may be very important during the scale sales. Saving on every tablet of Cialis every day men can estimate the volume of the costs which they will have after the purchase.

As a result, a choice of the drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction is up to the man. But on the basis of the above-mentioned facts it is easier to make a decision.